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Cloud hosted VoIP telephony works in much the same way as a traditional telephone system but without the control unit being located on the office wall or in the server cabinet.  You can have deskphones and softphone apps on your laptop and smartphone.

Market research has shown that most UK businesses believe they need a better communications network to deliver higher customer service levels.  This is possible with cloud hosted VoIP telephony as it is very flexible, configurable, feature rich, economic, expandable and importantly it's very cost effective.

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About Phoenix Link UK

Phoenix Link UK are a professional closed hosted VoIP telephony and business internet access managed service provider.  We are based in Kent with our customer service office in Herne Bay.  We provide a comprehensive range of telecommunication services to businesses with an emphasis on being expert providers of cloud based hosted VoIP telephone systems. 

We pride ourselves on giving the best value and an outstanding personalised solution for your business.

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VoIP Cloud Hosted Telephony

Phoenix Link offer a large selection of cloud based VoIP telephony options 

We provide a Smartphone app which which makes for a much easier and more convenient way to access the full VoIP telephone system functionality. This eliminates having to have the whole system, you can have it on your phone making it easier for when you are on-the-go.

Take a look here at our Telephony Solution PDF.


CallSwitch is a could based VoIP telephony platform that provides your business with telephones without the need for an on premises control unit.  All that the telephone handsets require to work is suitable internet access, so mobile and multi site use is easy to configure

The CallSwitch system works particularly well with business grade Yealink handsets

The CallSwitch telephony system also includes the Desktop/Laptop Communicator softphone which can be used to supplement the desk handsets or be used as a standalone solution

This platform enables you to have features including Ring Groups, Call Queues, Call Logs, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Do Not Disturb, Voicemail plus many more


Business Internet

You are unlikely to be able to run your business without decent internet access. 

We are able to provision Lease Lines which are possibly the best economical solution for your business if you have large data transfer requirements or lots of staff needing to use the internet

Most businesses find FTTC broadband extremely efficient with great speeds for everyday business needs

Mobile broadband is also a great option for mobile and remote locations.  This requires a specialist router, but it means you can run a business from just about anywhere

We are also starting to see FTTP become available which is up to 4x faster than FTTC

Horizon Communications

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